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The 9 Types of Programmer in 2024

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Ah, programmers. The backbone of the digital age, and the unseen weavers of our online world. An offshoot of the Great Ape family closely related to humans usually distinguished by their bad postures, anti-social tendency and their ability to solve any problem using Google, just don't ask them to fix your printer. Within this vast tribe, there lurks a delightful diversity, each easily identifiable coding styles and personalities.

The Full-stack Developer

Fueled by copious amounts of cold brew and an ever-growing stack of hoodies, this programmer is typically a back-end developer who learnt how to centre a div. He now prides himself on being a master of both Frontend and backend and everything in between. Their workspace? A cluttered coffee shop where the only constant is the frantic clatter of their keyboard.

The Tech Bros and Tech Baes

This programmer is the archetype that launched a thousand memes. They embody a certain brand of bravado, often sporting expensive gadgets and the latest tech apparel like the Apple Vision Pro, Big curve monitors, Standing Desk and mechanical keyboards. often the first one to use the newest and most trending piece of tech in the market. They might drop tech buzzwords liberally and have an inflated sense of their importance. But, beneath the bravado often lies a genuine passion for technology.

The Tech Hater

Image description This is a type of programmer who knows how unreliable & dangerous some technology can be and feels like AI is someday going to take their job. They mostly use Linux and spend a significant amount of time building software that the average developer has never heard of you will never find much about them online cause they are mostly security conscious and go to great lengths to hide their digital footprint can be found using 5 VPNs at a time and they usually have a surprising ability in Hacking.

The DevOps

This is a programmer who appears to have no particular skills in the sense that no one knows much about what they do but they are usually in every team and are mostly your boss all we know is that this programmer thrives in chaos. They can troubleshoot server crashes with ninja-like reflexes and automate entire workflows with a single script. maybe that's why they are always so smug.

The Introvert

This is the Hollywood cliche programmer variant and most times it's mostly spot on this is the type of programmer with little to no social skills and pretty much spends their entire free time coding and playing video games and is usually blessed with exceptional coding. In the 1990s people like this were bullied at school for being nerds but now thanks to the magic of the internet they have high-paying jobs and girlfriends who love them and not because they are now rich.

The Codefluencer

Its natural habitat is not a code editor like VsCode or an open-source platform like GitHub but a social media platform most likely Twitter after spending a day learning how to display Hello World in HTML this type of programmer thinks they are the best in the world and tries to makes the world a better place by posting memes and hot takes all day long and they probably will end up with a higher paying job than you as a "developer Associate" because he masters the act of virtue-signalling. not to be mistaken for

The AI-Powered Programmer

Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has completely changed how things are done in the modern world and no one knows this more than the AI-powered programmer most of them are even all for it they use the best and latest AI tools available like GitHub-copilot, Chat GPT, Gemini and so on. And with that, they can do their job five times faster.

The 10x Developer

There's a legend whispered among programmers of the mythical 10x developer. This elusive creature is a rare breed said to be ten times more productive than the average dev, churning out flawless code at lightning speed! Some say they're a myth, others pretend to be them but their natural problem-solving ability and their knowledge of codebase transcends beyond that of normal devs.

The Ancient Coder

The last of its kind some say there are only about 900 left in the world imagine a developer that is so old they saw the fall of the Roman empire, this particular type of developer is usually older than the internet and has Long silver hair with a big white beard like Gandalf the grey only codes in C or Assembly their favourite IDE is VIM and their Depth of knowledge transcends that of normal human; which is rumoured to have been discovered through psychedelics that are no longer available today.


so what do you think of these types of developers and how many have you meant in person? If you feel like I missed one let me know in the comments.

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